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Semey State Medical University – was founded as “Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute” by the order (order No. 22611-P, dated 2 September 1952) of the USSR Board of ministers and the USSR Ministry of Health Services in 1952. By the order (order No. 20-L, dated March 03-1997) of the Health Services Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it was transformed into “Semipaltinsk Government (State) Medical Academy” in 1997 and by the SGMAa Resolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan ¹ 188, dated 19th of February 2009, the Academy was renamed as “Semey State Medical University- The university during the period of its existence for more than 55 years have prepared more than thirty five thousand highly qualified doctors- specialists, who offer their services not only in Kazakhstan and CIS countries, but in the foreign countries like USA, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan, Israel & many other countries and wherever they may not work, they introduce themselves as the graduates from the university with great pride.


The first group of students was admitted in General Medicine faculty in 1953. Thereafter, was opened the pediatrics in 1963, stomatology faculty in 1991, Medical-prophylactics, pharmaceutical faculty and General Medicine faculty in Pavlodar city was opened in 2003, which was afterwards transformed into a full medical institution as a branch of the Medical University. Taking in view the importance of the post-diploma education, the faulty of raising the qualification of doctor’s was opened in Pavlodor city in 1984 under the university where annually an average of more than 1000 doctors go through raise of their qualification from east Kazakhstan region as well as from the whole Republic. Semey State Medical University is one of the leading higher medical educational establishments in Kazakhstan. The University is the oldest in the country, dynamically developing, oriented at innovations in education, with considerable research base, modern equipment and highly qualified faculty, rich traditions and heritage.

More than twenty five thousand of professionals graduated from the University since it was founded. At present, 4341 students are enrolled in different educational programs, of whom 300 are international students. Semey medical university is leading in information and communication technologies in the field of medical education of Kazakhstan: lecture halls are equipped with the electronic voting systems, Internet is provided freely in many remote clinical departments, TV and video- sets are available in many classrooms, simulation rooms are open, specialized study rooms to conduct lessons based on innovative educational technologies are established, «Interactive student » and «Virtual office of the faculty» are introduced, the university’s web-site is timely up-dated. University’s main office is equipped with wireless Internet. From any computer connected to Internet, the free access to full-text Cochraine Library, Medline and international Thomson Reuters database.

Nowadays the University provides education on the following specialties: «General medicine», «Stomatology», «Public health», «Pharmacy», «Preventive medicine» and «Nursing» in the range of pre-graduate and post-graduate programs (MSc and PhD). Post-graduate clinical training is continued in internship and residency programs. All teaching programs are adopted to the programs of the World Federation of medical education.

The University provides teaching in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. International students from India, Pakistan, China and Mongolia study in the University. The University owns the multi-disciplinary teaching hospital for 530 beds and consultation out-patient department for 250 day visits. The average number of patients served in the teaching hospital annually is approximately fifteen thousand. The study resource center with free Internet - access to full-text Cochraine library is open in the teaching hospital.

Clinical study center- MС, the East-Kazakhstan regional center for rehabilitation of the population is one of the biggest multi-profile treatment and prophylactic scientific- pedagogic organization of the East Kazakhstan region. The composition of the Center include: 530 bed hospital out of which 220 are pediatric; consultation polyclinic for 250 visits per shift. About 800 workers are working in 15 clinical sections and the clinic is equipped with the modern medical diagnostic and treatment equipment’s. Satellite connection was established with the Medical University of Hiroshima (Japan) for the active collaboration of our workers with their colleagues in Japan. High quality medical facilities are being provided to the local population on the basis of the clinical study center. Amongst docents and professors of the University, medical teams are being set up, which go to the different regions of the oblast for providing the consultation and treatment facility. Students from the higher courses go to the remote areas with the medical troops for providing the prophylactic check up to the population.

University is taking up the new directions of the medical sciences and the main researches are being carried up on the topics like: “health conditions and rehabilitation of the population living in the Semipalatinsk region”, “ Scientific basis of the perfection of treatment diagnosis and prophylactic aid to the cardiologic and rheumatologic patients” in the Eastern region of Kazakhstan. Scientific-practical magazine “Science & Health Services” with the results of the various researches, carried out by the scientists from Japan, USA, Russia and other countries is being published.

Computerization has been introduced in various sections, services and departments of the University. Computer classes have been equipped and organized with internet connections and advanced technology introduced for the studies and examination of the students in the University. Conduction of the “regional competition on biology” becomes one of the traditions of the University, where the students from different schools and colleges, who aim to be the doctors in future, participate.

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