Open day within the framework of "World Day against Breast Cancer"

Open day within the framework of "World Day against Breast Cancer"

At 21st of October 2017, the Regional Cancer Clinic hosted the Open Doors Day that was dedicated to the World Day against Breast Cancer, in which the Local Committee of KazMSA SMU of Semey city took part under the guidance of the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health (SCORA).

The aim of this event was to attract students' attention for the prevention of breast cancer. Show the seriousness of this disease. Teach students to make screening for mammary glands correctly and to make self-observation to identify primary signs of tumors.

According to the incidence of breast, cancer (BC) in the Republic of Kazakhstan in recent decades has been ranked first among oncological diseases of women. However, in 2011it came out on top among the population oncological morbidity in Kazakhstan, accounting for 20.6 cases per 100,000 people. The proportion of people with breast cancer among all cancer women was more than one fourth (1/4). By the estimation of the death rate, breast cancer ranked 3rd place among all malignant diseases. To conclude, as the population ages, the risk of newborns increases.

Consultations of doctors - oncomammologists were available to all women of the city over 35 years old. The cytological laboratory worked. The video hall was organized. Furthermore, a visual informational and educational material on early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer was distributed.

Our students have an excellent opportunity to help doctors to make screening and ultrasound investigation of the mammary glands. In addition, they have learned how to correctly fill the patient's medical history. At the end of the stock, the head of the dispensary department, a mammologist doctor Abylchenova A.S. has conducted a lecture about how to perform self-observation correctly for prevention and detection of the first signs of tumors.

As a result, 102 women were observed by oncomamologists, as well as sonologists of the oncological dispensary. Revealed: Fibro-cystic mastopathy-39, suspected of breast cancer -2, Diffusive-cystic mastopathy-1, fibro adenoma -2, nodal formation-1, cysts of breast-3. 15 thin-needle biopsies were performed. In addition, the Open Doors Day was held in all mammological rooms in the Semey region. The students received an unforgettable experience and knowledge.

Local officer of SCORA Bakytbekova Shara, student of 2 course, speciality “General Medicine”

Translator: student of 2 course, speciality “General Medicine” Rakhimova Kamilla

Published on: 2017-11-01, 11:19 AM

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