Stress is life

Stress is life

Today the concept of "stress" is so firmly entrenched in our language, which, it seems, does not even require explanations. This English word we use at every step, when we complain about a hard life and nervous overload. Everyone understands that stress is a nuisance and you have to fight with it. However, stress is a much broader phenomenon than we imagine. In the early 30's, Selye drew attention to the fact that the body responds to any demand of the environment by stress. In other words, stress is an expedient adaptive reaction that ensures adaptation to the diverse conditions of life. Therefore, to be true to the primary source, the problem of coping with stress loses a positive meaning.

American psychologists Holmes and Ray developed a scale of stressful situations, distributing important life events according to the degree of emotional stress they cause. The highest mark (100) in this scale is the death of a close relative. Further on, the decreasing follows the divorce (75), the imprisonment (63), the serious illness (53), the big debt (31)... The researchers believe that the accumulation within one year of a stress exceeding 300 points, poses a serious threat to our mental and even physical well-being.

The paradox is that this scale includes such events as: wedding (50), birth of a child (39), outstanding personal achievement (28), promotion (27), moving to a new place of residence (20) and even recreation (13)! So, if you within a year managed to finish the university, find a job and new housing, marry, go on a honeymoon and have a progeny, then your personal indicator of emotional stress goes high.  The result is an inexplicable irritation and a breakdown.

So with what it is necessary to struggle? Of course, only with pathological stress. After all, we often drive ourselves to a dead end, where you can get out only with tangible emotional losses. So you should avoide these "dead ends".

The founder of the theory of stress Hans Selye claimed: "Stress is life." While we are alive, we will constantly rejoice and be upset. Of course, one must be able to relax, but if emotional tension disappears from our life - it will mean that life is over.

Published on: 2017-11-08, 01:05 PM

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