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«Walking Kazakhstan»

On 14th of October, the students (140-142 groups) of SSMU visited the conference called «Walking Kazakhstan», which takes place in Abai’s library. During the conference the Californian tourist Dennis Kin presented his own project. He created the guide map for foreign tourists named «Walking Almaty». What makes this project interesting is that we...

2016-10-19, 10:00 AM

Integrated lecture

A very good experience it was as we all understand how important it is to respect each other in every sense.

2016-10-17, 09:09 AM


On October 10, 2016 the first Congress of parents hosted at our university. It was, in fact, a significant event. Such a large-scale event was held for the first time only in our university throughout Kazakhstan.

2016-10-14, 09:15 AM

International Day of teacher

You know, it believes the same to us, that if it will remain to live earth, higher dignity of humanity will be become when teachers.

2016-10-13, 11:23 AM

«Young people in favor of Nuclear-Free World»

On the 1st of October, 2016 was held event «Young people in favor of Nuclear-Free World» for 1st course students of medical university living in the hostel №1. Students preparing for a long time and were looking forward to initiation: read hall was beautifully decorated by Rizabekova Ayazhan and Kumatov Kanat; all events, plays well rehearsed.

2016-10-10, 04:12 PM

Parent council meeting

On the 29th of September, the university held a meeting of the Parents' Council dean's undergraduate education. The Council consists of students’ parents, who studied in the 6th specialties. The dean of the undergraduate education Orazalina A.S. gave an opening speech. She familiarized with the main points of the regulations on the parents’ co...

2016-10-05, 09:26 AM